They didn't succeed.

I love the way Amir plays the drums.


Mom was innocent enough to ask him: "Would you like any more beer?"

I must have made a mistake.

If you make a promise, you should keep it.

Punish the wicked and save the weak.

I have to go the bathroom.

The conversation ended abruptly when Johnny entered the room.

Ken shot Hughes.


"Please forgive my intrusion, but this is something that you're going to want to hear."

Craig should do what Maria says.

Per could've stopped it.

Everyone in Cuba likes it.

Pim is a Red Cross volunteer.


Any port in a storm.

I need time to mull things over before I decide what to do.

I've been thinking a lot about Elias lately.


The check, please.

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Is this your book, Mike?


It's very likely he'll come.


My pastime is reading.

She would have liked to peep in, but could not do such a thing.

Arriving early is good.

Do you want to watch this program?

Doesn't anybody appreciate theater?

The trouble with finding love later in life is that the person you fall in love with often comes with emotional baggage.

Today's Leon's birthday.

The cookies were delicious.

That's the ugliest hat I've ever seen.


Your face says that you don't agree.

I forgave the boy for stealing the money from the safe.

We all hated him.

I make it a rule to go jogging every morning.

The village was isolated by the heavy storm.


I don't fully agree with you.

Is there anything you can tell us about Roxanne that we don't already know?

She complained about her boyfriend's prank.

Let me help you up the steps.

Did Farouk meet the criteria for passing this class?


The island needs a hospital, not a bridge.


Police shouldn't take bribes.

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We all wish you were here with us.

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She wants to promote the band.


Could you please take me back home?

Cyrus lost again.

We can't allow ourselves to mess up.


Millionaires have an easier time getting elected to public office than the average person.

Nick will be shocked.

I'm getting married on Monday.

I know you were the one who broke the window.

You always throw your money away.

At this very moment, nearly 10,000 Tweets are being sent.

Thanks for taking the time to help.


I have no idea what I'm talking about.

In a democracy, it is important that the press be independent.

Harmon didn't have to wait for me.

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When a woman is murdered, the husband or boyfriend is always the number one suspect.

My eyes are watering.

We planted rice.


A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

He worked too hard and destroyed his health.

The teacher didn't let the students ask any questions.


If two men always have the same opinion, one of them is unnecessary.

You should get to know them.

Hiroyuki tried to keep calm.


Smoke appeared.

Could you please take care of my dog while I'm in Boston?

Would you please get out of my seat?

He stamped out a fire.

I have an appointment with Marika.

He can finish ten boxes of corn flakes in one sitting.

Albert wants to be near you.

There are a lot of tall trees in the park.

We feed our dog three times a day.

Ask her to call me.

I'll run with it.

She bundled all her dresses into the suitcase.

Thomas is turning blue.

Seen from distance, the rock looked like a human face.

I dreamt I was a bird.

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How do you know something isn't true?

I will keep on smoking no matter what you say.

I'll ask Norma.


Jon should be warned.

Music is his passion.

Is mom scolding the horse's hemp?

Luckily, it worked.

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible.

I cannot bear the pain any more.

What did you ever see in him?


Oranges are graded by size and quality.

Manolis wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

What did they say happened?

They left there the day before yesterday.

What is all this stuff?

You're sad.

Some disorders can correct perfectly


It's raining again!

Will she be back home at five?

Romantic, isn't it?

Where is the arrivals hall?

My aunt has three children.

Jochen's my friend.

Werner was unkind.

My battery is running out.

For now, I will wait at the hotel.

Why are you throwing those things in the fire?

Joni wasn't perfect.

Did Toufic say he was going to do that?

I just want to have a normal date.


Do you know anything about art?

Will you tell the truth now?

I feel like I've known him forever.


I can't seem to understand anything Clay says.

I'm frantic!

He was besieged by callers.

She lives in quite a big mansion.

The focus of the talk is put on the content.

I can't take you with me.

I'm not sure if that was meant as a compliment or as an insult.

Pitawas told me he had never been to Boston.

It's hard, isn't it?

I'm too tired to work out.

Can you identify the man using this picture?

In any case, it's troublesome, isn't it?

Thad wrote his name on the blackboard.

Pria seemed reassured.

Your pantlegs are too long - you'll probably trip.

A man has free choice to begin love, but not to end it.

Alain plays the tambourine.

The children were on the verge of crying.

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.


I always keep several dictionaries at hand.


He was taken away by four police officers in the middle of the night.

"What! You're still with that girl?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE her!"

Donna is a happy man.

I don't shave my legs.

We need answers.


Once across the river, you are safe.

I'm a lousy swimmer.

They always go skiing in the winter.


The reason which he gave is hard to understand.

You shouldn't talk to Doyle.

He died from lack of oxygen.


He found us.

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We're all in the same boat.


You shouldn't rely on other people's help.


The following is what he told me.

America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.

Part of what Pierce said was true.

I think Jenine is being disrespectful.

Suresh finally realized there was something wrong.


It is getting warmer every day.

It just might take Syun a little while.

You know I'm wrong.


I met Klaus at a wine auction a few years ago.

People need inspiration.

At that time the snow plow was certainly our hero.


We need an itemized receipt.


We're not as dumb as you think.


They asked us for advice.